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Crownsfx WebTrader
What is Crownsfx WebTrader?

Crownsfx WebTrader is the in-house trading platform, and this is the 4th year we are providing our traders with its facilities. It is a good choice for traders who have just started to know the trading world and find things a bit wired yet brave and curious enough to practice trading with real capital. Here, we suggest our traders go for the smallest minimum amount to activate their trading account, $250, and open their positions as low as $ 5-15 per trade.

You should trade with Crownsfx WebTrader, at least one!

Crownsfx WebTrader has a friendly user-interface yet powerful platform to maintain any strategy you would like to apply. It is easily accessible through any web browser and there is no need for any additional requirements like memory, processing capacity or power. All you need is a PC and an internet connection. You can open your account and access it through a couple of clicks and you will enjoy all the functionalities that will make your trading experience easier, powerful and profitable.

Why trading with Crownsfx WebTrader?

Crownsfx WebTrader It aims to bring the best trading environment for beginner traders. Easy to navigate yet sophisticated in its services, functionalities and solutions. Crownsfx WebTrader has shown high reliability and compatibility with any operating system. It is safe, it is secure, the data is encrypted, the variety of trading instruments is large, the support from our agents and developer team is outstanding, all is left to do is you opening the account and start trading.

Our Values

  • Trading directly via a browser
  • Compatibility with any operating system
  • Reliable data protection
  • History of trading operations
  • 30 indicators for technical analysis
  • All types of trading operations