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What is MetaTrader 4?

MetaTrader 4 has led the trading platforms market for many years. It offers the highest standards of trading and analytical services. It provides everything a trader needs to make well informed trading decisions. MetaTrader 4 is built on sophisticated algorithms which allows the implementation of various strategies, from the most complex to the normal ones.

You should trade with MT4, at least one!

It offers even capital protection functions like stop loss and take profits, which prevent your trading experience from going beyond what you can afford. You have full free hand to manage your trades, opening, closing or keeping them pending. Its flexibility has made MT4 the choice of millions of traders globally. You want to trade, but you do not have enough time? Well, there is a solution for that! You are allowed to copy the traders from other traders and apply them as they were your actions. Open your account with Ex 76, download the version of MT4 you want to have, on your desktop, android device or iOS and make the most out of these incredible advantages. There are thousands of signals and other risk management tools available to make your trading experience profitable.

Why trading with MT4?

Mobile smart devices are indispensable in trading while you cannot be in front of the PC most of the time, and you still want to trade. The mobile versions of MetaTrader 4 have the same functionalities available and the same processing and trading power as the desktop and web versions do. Its broad analytical capabilities, technical facilities and full package of advanced charts and graphs put the power in the trader’s hands wherever they are.

The latest financial updates are available in real time through the platform, price movements, economic calendar and other tools. As long as you are fully informed, you have higher chances to make appropriate decisions.

  • 2,100+ technical indicators
  • Thousands of trading strategies
  • Support for iOS and Android OS
  • Full set of trading orders
  • Analytics and technical indicators
  • Current financial information